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Brezelkönig AG

"Our customers always expect fresh products and high availability. With the check app, we regularly and comprehensively check our sales outlets. If deviations are detected, the responsible parties are informed automatically and can thus provide immediate remedial action. Together with nextVision, we are continuously optimising our branch control and technical service processes. "

Lydia Muff | Head of Sales Brezelkönig AG




Complete controlling of all sales outlets based on comprehensive check criteria.


3 language support for checks and reportings, dependent on the recipient.

Operational & direct.

Deviations are documented with a variety of media with automated countermeasures.

Technical Notifications.

Defects are reported on a device-by-device basis for targeted technical support.


Brezelkönig AG, Emmenbrücke

Baked goods specialist

Approx. 60 sales outlets



Brezelkönig AG specialises in the sale of fresh baked goods at highly frequented locations. The mobile sales outlet check enables the detailed contolling and documentation of each outlet to implement and maintain the company’s high expectations and standards across all locations.

Deviations are automatically reported to the responsible parties to facilitate the immediate initiation of countermeasures.

The integration of appliance identification, for example for the ovens or coffee machines, enables reporting specific to the piece of equipment or spare part affected. The technical service receives notifications as a prioritised ticket on a smartphone or tablet and can efficiently attend the issue.




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