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Denner AG

"Through the use of mobile store audits, we ensure the adherence to our quality standards in over 500 stores and have fully automated the reporting of check results. Despite an ambitious timeline, nextVision successfully implemented the project due to their great commitment."

Fabian Raeber | Head of Sales Services and Projects




Approximately 800 sales outlets.


4 languages supported for audits and reports, depending on the recipient.

Precise & fast.

Intuitive user interface and content focus combine a high standard of information with a short audit duration.


Assessment and dispatch of audit reports. Cyclical generation and recipient-oriented sending of management reports.


Denner AG, Zurich

Leading discount store in Switzerland

Approx. 800 sales outlets



The discount store Denner AG, with over 500 managed outlets and approximately 300 partner outlets, is always in direct proximity to their customers. Inside the newly outfitted stores, freshness and the availability of a broad selection of goods are a priority.

Denner auditors are utilising a tablet-based store check solution for transparent controlling to ensure these priorities are implemented on a long-term basis. All stores are frequently and neutrally assessed using a sophisticated points system. Discrepancies are documented via a variety of media and calls to action are automatically forwarded to the responsible department.

All audit reports and higher level management reports are automatically generated and sent in the respective recipient’s own language.




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