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Brezelbäckerei Ditsch GmbH (Pretzel Bakery)

"Through absolute transparency, strictly defined quality and safety standards as well as finely tuned recipes, we create trust among our customers. nextVision’s mobile Store-Check enables us to regularly and systematically check all Ditsch stores and, if necessary, initiate corrective measures at the touch of a button. These prompt actions are monitored and documented seamlessly via concise status reports and the integrated ticketing system."

Andreas Eisfeld | Manager Field Service South




Systematic review of standards in stores with extensive check catalogues.


Use in different departments and for various check requirements.

Implementation Focus.

Optimal user support for the simple multimedia-enabled documentation of deviations and the targeted introduction of corrective measures.

Integrating Externals.

Contracting to external service providers at the push of a button enables the documented and priority-oriented use of local specialists.


Brezelbäckerei Ditsch GmbH, Mainz

Specialised in lye baked wares.

Approx. 213 stores in Germany.



The pretzel bakery Ditsch specialises in the production and sale of lye products for direct consumption in highly frequented locations as well as through selected outlets.

The mobile Store-Check systematically reviews and documents the implementation of the strictly defined quality and safety standards as well as the coordinated product range and product presentation.

Corrective measures are reported automatically and without delay to the responsible personnel. That way, defects can be corrected immediately.

External specialists and service providers receive orders for repairs, subsequent deliveries and troubleshooting automatically and without delays. As a result, all necessary measures - regardless of the location of the store - are prioritised and implemented in the shortest possible time.




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