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enerpeak ag

"The time consuming documentation of deficiencies during our construction site inspections and project approvals is a thing of the past for us. With the mobile project check, our project managers carry out the approval checks and defect detection directly on their tablets in a much shorter time frame. We also document meetings directly on the spot and always have an overview of the project."

Andreas Krieg | Chief Executive Officer



Project specific.

Individual representation of the individual project structure.


2 languages for check forms and reports, project dependent.

On site & multimedia enabled.

Intuitive user interface and integration of mobile device features allow for a simple multimedia project documentation on site.

All deficiencies are classified via a traffic light system.


Protocols are automatically generated for each responsible party.

The integrated ticketing system allows for end-to-end controlling of countermeasures.


enerpeak ag, Dübendorf


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Enerpeak AG is a successful and innovative electrical engineering firm with 60 employees across 5 offices in Switzerland.

To ensure compliance with planning requirements throughout the entire implementation of construction projects, controlling and approval protocols, as well as deficiencies, are systematically documented using mobile devices.

Project coordinators benefit from an efficient ratings system for individual project structures. Once an issue is detected, inspection reports, including text and photo descriptions, are generated and sent to the appropriate recipient at the push of a button.

Further, project meetings are fully documented, and the completion of agreed tasks is facilitated and tracked via an integrated ticketing system.

In addition to the significantly reduced effort for the documentation of issues, all data is available in the form of tickets, as a check history, and protocol archive for future reference and evaluation.




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